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Alef Bet Banner Kit

Alef Bet Banner Kit

SKU: RL-1134

Item Number:  RL-1134


 Small case makes this a perfect carry-along for kids learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet. Case allows banner to be rolled out when child wants to play and rolled back in for use later. Actual banner size: 144 in. x 4 in. (365 cm. x 10 cm.). INCLUDES: 12 Ft. Banner 4 Non-Toxic Crayons 1 Crayon Sharpener Crayons conform to ASTM-D4236.


  • 12 ft. banner
  • 4 non-toxic crayons
  • 1 crayon sharpener
  • Great carry-along activity
  • For ages 3 years and up

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